I remember when I first started talking about wanting to take a solo motorcycle trip. For so long, I wanted to embark out on my own, on two wheels, to some far-off place that held beauty in the landscape. When I spoke of this idea, I was surprised at how many fear-filled comments people would […]... Continue Reading →

Motorcycles and the Modern Girl

Written by Julie Nordskog, Women Ride Their Own Coco Channel’s 2011 “filmercial” features Keira Knightly riding a golden Ducati cafe racer in matching cat suit, boots, and helmet. How far, I mused, had motorcycles and the modern girl come in the public eye. In Coco’s eyes, the woman motorcycle rider was both exceptional and chic... Continue Reading →

One Hot Ride

*For the girls paying attention...322 miles if you suck it up and take 35E some of the way.  This is going to be brief because I can't find my inner writer today. Something has to be said for posterity. First, I have to tell you what a great ride it was with Jenni, Julie and... Continue Reading →

The Road to Dallas

As I sit here thinking of what I need to pack for tomorrow's journey I am reminded of all my camping excursions. First aid kit, liquids, protein snacks, wet weather gear, extra socks, shirt and panties (don't laugh). You'd be amazed how those luxuries pay off. A bar of soap is better than a bottle... Continue Reading →


"I can see myself on the back of my horse hanging on to his mane as we face each twist and hill with the ease of a bird on the wind. Every second of gain in momentum the closer we come to take off until the only sound we hear is the wind beneath us.... Continue Reading →


All the colors around seem to be washed out when there are no clouds. The intensity of the sun covering the landscape creates a faded palette. We tend to ride on the sunniest days, but the photos are washed out like an old Polaroid. While my eyes wander to take snapshots, my mind wanders much... Continue Reading →

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