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IMG_7709I know that a nationally magazine that is Texas-based and all about Texas doesn’t need a shout out. Their covers and articles pretty much tell you everything you need to know. They scream “pick me up!” every time. What you didn’t know is that Ride Texas is really about you and me. They are unofficial official sponsors for adventure. And, I love it!

Why is this relevant? Hmmm….well, Kathy McFarland and Anne Heinen will be out and about helping us tell the story of Lace, Grace and Gears’ 2017 event held in the H.C. Yes, you will catch me abbreviating things because the H.C. sounds way more hip than the hill country which could be anywhere. This years Fall rally is not just making a rumble. LGG wants to break a world record, has incorporated Bandera in to the theme with bull riders and campfires, and instead of the usual bike games, the registrants will be teaming up for a scavenger hunt that includes the businesses between Pipe Creek and Bandera.IMG_7714

If that’s not enough, there will be guided rides and thanks to Wolpack, official sponsors of The MX Factory Dirt Track, our captains will have a plan and the packs will stay connected. Saturday, the all things Medina ride will include another sponsor of adventure, The Old Timer General Store and Rusty Dawg Weenie Wagon. No doubt most of the riders coming in to Bandera will also pass another official sponsor of adventure, Vincent’s Automotive. What I am trying to say here is that in one way or another everybody is a part of the adventure. Some will reveal themselves during the Scavenger Hunt so I can’t say a word šŸ˜¬.

We are honored to have Women Rider’s Now coming along with a hand full of voluteer documentors to help talk about the events within the event. Hands down, we are all biting our nails in anticipation for Saturdays “Parade of Sisters.” The only way to know for sure is to show up and guarantee the U.S. the World Record for most women riders in one location!

Don’t worry…for our Sisters across the nation…WE CAN HEAR YOU CHEERING US ON! WE GOT THIS!!!

Jenn Kulick
Texas Hill Country Biker

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Up and Away


I am fearless when it comes to riding. I want to learn evey trick in the book and make some of my own. I am well on my way to doing that!” Jennifer Rios

Jennifer Rios loves anything on two wheels. She is a certified motorcycle technician and welder who loves teaching others how to work on and ride bikes. Since 2012, she has been trail racing, motocross racing, and competing in FMX (freestyle motocross) amateur events.

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 1.37.05 PMJennifer has nine First Place trophies in her house. This year, 2017, was her first overall series at Main Event Mx, where she took second place. Freestyle motocross is her passion. Sheā€™s building her skills to reach her ā€œbeginning and end goalā€– to flip a motorcycle!

Julie Nordskog
Women Ride Their Own


Notes from Texas Hill Country Biker, Jenn Kulick: I wanted to add an aside because this girl is uber amazing. She’s doing things that most of us dream of…taking flight fearlessly. Her ambitions are totally reachable and I feel that Jenn Rios will go beyond her dream of doing flips.

More Miles Than Excuses


“I am a biker with more miles than excuses. Itā€™s more than just a hobby, itā€™s a way of life.” Porsche Taylor

Porsche Taylor is one of our guest speakers at the Sheroes Panel for Lace, Grace and Gears Motorcycle Rally coming up in September, just 27 days from now. She is an artist, entrepeneur, marketing guru, dj and inspiration to Women riders everywhere. Porsche’s focus is not just on one kind of women but all women and for this she is our Shero.

What does it mean to be a black female rider?Ā Great question… As a black female rider, we represent the small percentage of women in our community who are determined enough to ride.Ā  We are strong, independent, and knowledgeable.Ā  We are caretakers in our community, leaders in business, and fearless on ground.Ā  To the little girls who see us, we are superheroes.” (Womens Moto Exhibit)

January 1, 2011, Porsche foundedĀ Black Girls Ride Magazine.Ā Ā As Editor-in-Chief she set up BGR to be “an inclusive celebration of all women who live to ride. BGR celebrates the triumphs and accomplishments of these women, while shining a light on their sisterhood.” (PorscheTaylor.com) What I have discovered in my short amount of research is that not only is Porsche a dynamic woman with all of her talents on the table, but she is also, simply put, a woman like you and me. Porsche is relatable, strong, adventurous and willing to shine bright enough for all of us as a Mentor too.


Women of color in motorsports had been rarely featured until
I created Black Girls Ride Magazine.Ā  The magazine was immediately embraced by women excited to see themselves in our pages.Ā  Our goal is to continue to feature and educate women who ride across all colors and backgrounds.


Porsche has been an ambassador forĀ BMW Motorrad USA and is currently working with Polaris in a partnership with BGR to promoteĀ Indian Motorcycle,Victory Motorcycles andĀ Polaris Slingshot. Ask her what she rides? A Victory Magnum X-1.

Porsche is now a cross-country rider with her round trip adventure from Long Beach, CA to Brooklyn, NY. She is a proud member of the Steel Horse Motorcycle Club.


Dirty Bird

21124962_1368678199897049_970985997_oI haven’t met Delshateki Izquierdo yet, but I know that in the world of Influencers, this motorcycle rider is breaking new ground for generations of women to follow. Not only has she embarked on a journey that takes her all over the U.S. but what she brings back home is a kind of worldliness most of us hope for at such a young age. “She has spoken at The All-Female Ride in Jacksonville, Florida, the P.R.O.C in Baltimore, Maryland, Black Girls Ride Beautiful Bikers in Long Beach, California and at the International Female Ride in Killeen, Texas.”(Official Bio) This year she will be a contributor to the Sheroes panel at Lace, Grace and Gears Motorcycle Rally in Bandera, Texas.


Delshateki stands out as a mentor for women of any age.Ā Her pursuitĀ to ride her own motorcycle was just the seed planted to help her grow as a rider. With her adventures across America, she has been faced with weather, road conditions, motorcycle issues and varied traffic situations from town to city. In a short period of time she has stepped up from new rider to empowerer just through action alone. For this she is one of our Sheroes.

Delshateki will be joining a panel of other extraordinary women known as Sheroes, Thursday,Ā September 28 at Twin Elm Guest Ranch as part of the kick-off party for Lace, Grace and Gears. She can most definitely cover the categories of beginner biker, long-distance rider and adventure riding. We can only hope there will be enough time for everyone to get their questions answered with such an incredible list of Sheroes.

The Panel of Sheroes: Gloria Tramontin-Struck, Lupita Velasquez, Porsche Taylor, Junie Rose, Delshateki “Dirty Bird” and Alisa Clickenger. This will be a history making event for rallies in Bandera. LGG is focused on empowering, educating, inspiring and breaking new ground. I think Dirty Bird couldn’t have joined a better group of women. And the Hill Country rocks too! @dirtybird @delshatekiizquierdo @lacegraceandgears

Jenn Kulick
Texas Hill Country Biker

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LGG / Quik Bio:

Seventeen-year-old Delshateki has been riding since April 2016 and by the end of this summer she will have ridden her motorcycle through 48 states. She combines her passion for her Sportster and her Victory Cross-Country with her passion for people by being a motivational speaker for young and older women riders. Riding is a family event: her mom and dad share in her motorcycle adventures by riding with Delshataki on her long trips. She dreams of riding in other countries and spreading her good news message about female empowerment on the back of an iron horse.

Where The Adventure Begins, Part 1

I found my mind wandering from the main highways after my meeting with AlisaĀ Clickenger a couple weeks ago. As I drove east on the 10, the concept “Where The Adventure Begins” turned overĀ in my brain. There are other mentors and adventurers but I happened upon Alisa one day by chance when searching out groups to follow on Facebook. I was looking for something different than group pages filled with items for sale and “Good Mornings.” I also knew that I would beĀ riding a dirt bike, a dual sport and eventually upgrade the Chief, or not one day. Alisa’s page was straighforward. Women’s Motorcycle Tours. And my mind responded…where adventure begins.

Alisa Clickenger, Women’s Motorcycle Tours

Being a Mentor carries a great weight. We have been blessed with many women who just through action inspire us. These are the women who may have existed before we were born like the Van Buren Sisters. I had no idea how deep the history was with women motorcyclists until I joined the LGG team. Suddenly I was looking at old movies again, old photos and historical dramas where we were given hints of how this all started.

Thanks to my buddy, Julie (Women Ride Their Own), women like Alisa were suddenly in my path as we started work on the Sheroes panel. And the question remained, how will the Sheroes change the perspective of the women who will be there to meet them. Each Shero has her own story to tell, riddled with adventure of trial-and-error, overcoming the “can’t do’s” and breaking new ground with documented journeys from which we as students can find inspiration. Mentors are teachers whether they have profound lessons to teach or just words of guidance. They give us comfort when we are unsure of ourselves and hold us up when we feel a little weak in the knees.


The one thing all these women have in common with us is that they had to make the choice to throw a leg over and lean back in the seat. Each one of these women had to answer a question they had and let go of what they thought they knew. We all know that once the engines are revved up, there are two choices: stall or get out of first gear. I, had the worst time getting off my property because my bike had gear issues. Yet every time I stalled, every time I dropped the bike because I was looking down and not ahead, every time I made it out of first, I knew that second to third would be way easier. And my quest for the open roads began.

One thing is certain. I don’t look at any road the same. Those side and back roads get you closer to the picture and the place. They ask you to slow down and pay attention to all thats around you. I am by no means a mentor. If anything I am a docu-mentor because from where I sit, the roads are wide open. Whether you have a go pro or just take metnal snapshots of where you have been, it’s what is ahead of you that matters!

Jenn Kulick
Texas Hill Country Biker

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