Fuel Stops



Bandera, Hondo, Kerrville…no problem. Once you hit the Sisters it’s good to know your bike’s behavior. I can do max 120 before things get a little tricky fuel-wise. Here we go:
MEDINA: The Old Timer. Fuel, convenience store and now open, The Weenie Wagon. Best of all worlds if you are at the start or finish of your mad ride in the back hills. BYOB ‘cause Medina is a dry town. Outhouse inside. Located about 15 miles north of Bandera and literally where the ride begins at 16/337 crossroads.
VANDERPOOL: Lost Maples Country Store. Modern pumps, partially stocked store and on weekends they serve up the basics in backyard bistro: burgers, bbq and sides. You can buy beer but they’ll call the cops if you open it on their property. Outhouse is around the side of building. Located at 187/337 crossroads.
LEAKEY: Stripes OR Leakey Buckstop. Standard big town gas stops. Toilets okay. Also Pitt Stop as you head south out on 83 out of town. Town located at 83/337 crossroads.
CAMP WOOD: Shell Station & Get n Go (Valero). Again…standard fare. Shell is situation on 55N putting you in the right direction for the next leg of the Sisters journey. Town located at 55/337 intersection.
MOUNTAIN HOME: Garven Store. Yes you do need to take a detour even if you’ll make it back to Vanderpool for fuel. The best jerky and preserves. Plus you get a peacock to entertain you while you cool off under the oaks. Outhouse out back. Located at 41/83 crossroads.
Factor in about 20 miles between each town. If you are only doing the 337 and heading back via Utopia/Tarpley to Bandera then note that there are gas stops at the 83/1050 intersection to Utopia. 187 at other end of Utopia proper is a fuel station. Next stop is Bandera…approx. 34 miles from Utopia.
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