Rendezvous v. Rally

insta_squareMotorcycle Rallies have transformed over time and have been transformative for many. I remember my first and it was not what I was expecting. In fact, it was the antithesis of what a rally should be. Everyone looked bored and in search of fun. I was there for only a short while, but it was long enough to make wonder “what the hell?”

Months later, I tried again but had no luck. The biker I had picked up at the Old Forge wanted to ride. He probably knew it was going to be more fun. So I hopped on and toured the north side of the 10 stopping in at Luchenbach for a couple of beers. By the time we returned to my place I was hooked. All I could think about was the next rally.

Fall 2015 I went in as a vendor to scope things out. It wasn’t fun. Nobody was there. Sales were less than $100 but I made new friends. I spent most of my energy taking picture and posting what I saw. Someone had to it. I had befriended the hired photographers but nobody was on social media shout out “show up!”

When asked if I would vend again I said “hell no, but I’ll come in and make you
relevant.” Thus a storyteller was born. I’d love to say there was just me, but I think I was the only one doing it under the guise of the event. My number one goal: learn the ins and outs of the event. Lucky that I had met a cool dude along the way who was willing to let me cut my teeth from the back end as a designer.

I was hired on in 2015 to do some work for Carts, Bikers and Babes. Lonnie Fitch took cbabrally7smlme under his wing. Not sure this was a good thing because three years later I find myself digging in for my first Rendezvous.

Let’s be clear. Before we get all emotional, this was going to happen. For three years I asked myself “what would I do to be different?” Fame and fortune meant nothing to me as I mulled over this question. I realize the event started out with a different name, but it needed to be simplified. Brought back to Earth. Had to be about the biker and his/her experience. No vendors. No commercialism. Just some good old fashioned hippy, dippy fun. Guitars around the fire, jam sessions, bike games that made everyone laugh, a dirty bike contest to show off the miles under your two wheels…needless to say, not your typical modern rally.

This is our first year. Every biker who rolls in will help to shape the event. Will we count our women riders? Maybe. But this isn’t about breaking world records or getting famous. It’s all about the ride.

See you there!


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