Spring Rallying

22811249_1709658445721378_680117627_nOctober 2018 has already proven to be a great year for the motorcycle world. We kick off the Spring with several great rallies and ADV meet-ups. My first stop will be Thunder in the Hill Country as one of the lead photogs and social media influencers. This is a great honor after the last couple of years doing this for fun. Spring 2017 I was boosted to main photographer/influencer. With that buzz still going, I was called back for 2018.

Next stop will be Carts, Bikers and Babes…an old school rendezvous type rally with all the rock ‘n’ roll you need. You can b.y.o.b. or head over to the rally bars like Sidecar Saloon. This is year three for Roadhouse Rallies and it’s the charmer for sure with enough rides for the people who came to ride and party. The main stage kicks up dust around 4 pm and there are some day things going on too like biker games. And for the naughty bikers you can cross over to The Zoo. I will leave you to write that part of the story (wink, wink).

rackcard_smlFor the bikers for bikers types, you can catch Texas Iron in Kenedy, TX in May, 2018. You
have Texas Motorcycle Campings, Mel there to promote and Bikers for Bikers team member Curtis with mic in hand. This is a self-contained rally located off the beaten path.



Don’t forget the Hill Country Run based out of Luchenbach, TX! While there are dozens of rallies, these are the ones you will find me taking pics, going blind posting on Instagram and hopefully having a great time!



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