Up and Away


I am fearless when it comes to riding. I want to learn evey trick in the book and make some of my own. I am well on my way to doing that!” Jennifer Rios

Jennifer Rios loves anything on two wheels. She is a certified motorcycle technician and welder who loves teaching others how to work on and ride bikes. Since 2012, she has been trail racing, motocross racing, and competing in FMX (freestyle motocross) amateur events.

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 1.37.05 PMJennifer has nine First Place trophies in her house. This year, 2017, was her first overall series at Main Event Mx, where she took second place. Freestyle motocross is her passion. She’s building her skills to reach her “beginning and end goal”– to flip a motorcycle!

Julie Nordskog
Women Ride Their Own


Notes from Texas Hill Country Biker, Jenn Kulick: I wanted to add an aside because this girl is uber amazing. She’s doing things that most of us dream of…taking flight fearlessly. Her ambitions are totally reachable and I feel that Jenn Rios will go beyond her dream of doing flips.

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