More Miles Than Excuses


“I am a biker with more miles than excuses. It’s more than just a hobby, it’s a way of life.” Porsche Taylor

Porsche Taylor is one of our guest speakers at the Sheroes Panel for Lace, Grace and Gears Motorcycle Rally coming up in September, just 27 days from now. She is an artist, entrepeneur, marketing guru, dj and inspiration to Women riders everywhere. Porsche’s focus is not just on one kind of women but all women and for this she is our Shero.

What does it mean to be a black female rider? Great question… As a black female rider, we represent the small percentage of women in our community who are determined enough to ride.  We are strong, independent, and knowledgeable.  We are caretakers in our community, leaders in business, and fearless on ground.  To the little girls who see us, we are superheroes.” (Womens Moto Exhibit)

January 1, 2011, Porsche founded Black Girls Ride Magazine.  As Editor-in-Chief she set up BGR to be “an inclusive celebration of all women who live to ride. BGR celebrates the triumphs and accomplishments of these women, while shining a light on their sisterhood.” ( What I have discovered in my short amount of research is that not only is Porsche a dynamic woman with all of her talents on the table, but she is also, simply put, a woman like you and me. Porsche is relatable, strong, adventurous and willing to shine bright enough for all of us as a Mentor too.


Women of color in motorsports had been rarely featured until
I created Black Girls Ride Magazine.  The magazine was immediately embraced by women excited to see themselves in our pages.  Our goal is to continue to feature and educate women who ride across all colors and backgrounds.


Porsche has been an ambassador for BMW Motorrad USA and is currently working with Polaris in a partnership with BGR to promote Indian Motorcycle,Victory Motorcycles and Polaris Slingshot. Ask her what she rides? A Victory Magnum X-1.

Porsche is now a cross-country rider with her round trip adventure from Long Beach, CA to Brooklyn, NY. She is a proud member of the Steel Horse Motorcycle Club.


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