Dirty Bird

21124962_1368678199897049_970985997_oI haven’t met Delshateki Izquierdo yet, but I know that in the world of Influencers, this motorcycle rider is breaking new ground for generations of women to follow. Not only has she embarked on a journey that takes her all over the U.S. but what she brings back home is a kind of worldliness most of us hope for at such a young age. “She has spoken at The All-Female Ride in Jacksonville, Florida, the P.R.O.C in Baltimore, Maryland, Black Girls Ride Beautiful Bikers in Long Beach, California and at the International Female Ride in Killeen, Texas.”(Official Bio) This year she will be a contributor to the Sheroes panel at Lace, Grace and Gears Motorcycle Rally in Bandera, Texas.


Delshateki stands out as a mentor for women of any age. Her pursuit to ride her own motorcycle was just the seed planted to help her grow as a rider. With her adventures across America, she has been faced with weather, road conditions, motorcycle issues and varied traffic situations from town to city. In a short period of time she has stepped up from new rider to empowerer just through action alone. For this she is one of our Sheroes.

Delshateki will be joining a panel of other extraordinary women known as Sheroes, Thursday, September 28 at Twin Elm Guest Ranch as part of the kick-off party for Lace, Grace and Gears. She can most definitely cover the categories of beginner biker, long-distance rider and adventure riding. We can only hope there will be enough time for everyone to get their questions answered with such an incredible list of Sheroes.

The Panel of Sheroes: Gloria Tramontin-Struck, Lupita Velasquez, Porsche Taylor, Junie Rose, Delshateki “Dirty Bird” and Alisa Clickenger. This will be a history making event for rallies in Bandera. LGG is focused on empowering, educating, inspiring and breaking new ground. I think Dirty Bird couldn’t have joined a better group of women. And the Hill Country rocks too! @dirtybird @delshatekiizquierdo @lacegraceandgears

Jenn Kulick
Texas Hill Country Biker

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.08.11 AM

LGG / Quik Bio:

Seventeen-year-old Delshateki has been riding since April 2016 and by the end of this summer she will have ridden her motorcycle through 48 states. She combines her passion for her Sportster and her Victory Cross-Country with her passion for people by being a motivational speaker for young and older women riders. Riding is a family event: her mom and dad share in her motorcycle adventures by riding with Delshataki on her long trips. She dreams of riding in other countries and spreading her good news message about female empowerment on the back of an iron horse.

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