One Hot Ride

*For the girls paying attention…322 miles if you suck it up and take 35E some of the way. 

This is going to be brief because I can’t find my inner writer today. Something has to be said for posterity. First, I have to tell you what a great ride it was with Jenni, Julie and Carla. None of us had leadership issues. Other than a truck driver trying to take out Julie, I think we all held tight and rode well together. I mention the near miss because at that point we almost had a tete-a-tete about Harley v. Honda LOL. Julie took off to cool off and I missed the cue. A mile apart later, we had to stop in Lampassas to play catch up.

Side note – My Honda registers 5-8 mph higher than the Harley. Once we figured this out thanks to Jenni and her cruise control the world could be right again. 

We rode hard North to Dallas with a couple of fuel and water stops. I had no idea that my comment “No 35” would impact the rest of our journey. If you have been on THE 35 from Austin to Waco you’d know it’s a bloomin’ mess and not fit for bikers. So as we sat at the crossroads, 67 & 35W, we decided to continue on the biker roads to Strokers. This meant a little bit of 20, 30 and too much of 12.

Side note – Disadvantage of 100+ degree weather and being on bikes is that you can’t always say “Hey did you see that sign that says The 12 is closed 7-3 on Saturday?”

We were parked. No lane splitting allowed. Bikes sputtering and heat stroke setting in. Jenni redirected us down the side of the highway to the offramp. Half way down we saw this massive parade of women bikers trying to get past us. When I say parade, I mean we had one helluva parade to bring us in to Stroker’s.

Side note – Not to be too goofy, but I think by the time we hit Stoker’s, stroke was the key word of the day.


Stroker’s is notoriously old school biker. Don’t know what that means? Well in my world it means the free-spirited male with or without beard, a little bit dirty, a little bit charitable, and a whole lot of easy rider cool. With the rising up of women rider’s from the ashes of another time and place, the skies the limit in how we dress, behave and ride. What made me love Stroker’s more was the Honda hidden in the back near what appeared to be a garage area. The bikes were parked in front of a mural of Rick Fairless on his ride.

So this ride out to Dallas was about LGG: Lace, Grace and Gears Rally. We were hell-bent and determine to be counted in that day to represent Austin, the Hill Country and Dallas. The women who rode out to support the Kick-Off party were amazing. If the goal is 1200 women in Bandera, Texas then I think we are well on our way. It’s starts with a lot of promotion and more sharing.

Side note – What sets Bandera apart from other towns? Well, this is just the starting point for the rally at Twin Elm this year. The HC offers several well knows rides and some back roads for discovering. The HC is this oddity of hills, rivers, maple trees, armadillos and the list goes on. The hot spots to stop: Camp Wood (Three Brothers Ride), Frio Canyon (Leakey), Motorcycle Museum (Vanderpool), The Old Timer/Rusty Dawg Weenie Wagon & The Apple Store (Medina), Luckenbach, Willow City Loop, Mac n Ernies (Tarpley), Lost Maples Cafe (Utopia), Garvin Store (Mountain Home)…and the list goes on!

I told Julie it was mostly about the Journey was some interesting destinations. That night after we had cooled off, we talked about how we would get home. With Jennie home in Dallas, we had to put on our big girl pants and get us out of Dallas. I tucked the notes in my back pocket and we rode out via The 35E to 67…sorry THE 67. Somewhere between 67 and 174 I thought I would pull off my glove and take a quick look at my notes. Poof! It took me a second to realize that the notes flew past me and off in to the sunrise. My helmet steamed up from laughter I realized that was the clearest message the universe could send.

It’s not always in the details…just let go, ride out the storms, and laugh as much as you can!

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