The Road to Dallas

As I sit here thinking of what I need to pack for tomorrow’s journey I am reminded of all my camping excursions. First aid kit, liquids, protein snacks, wet weather gear, extra socks, shirt and panties (don’t laugh). You’d be amazed how those luxuries pay off. A bar of soap is better than a bottle of liquid goo that can explode in the heat. If we are going to be really real then a hand towel is just as good as a towel. Pack light, but pack out what you pack in.

Tomorrow will be my first big journey with a group of women rider’s. First part involves a solitary ride to Johnson City, Texas in the wee hours of the morn. The light will just be coming up over 87 North as I head for the 290. The first minutes will lead me down my favorite road, Elm Pass with it’s rutty roads and smooth curves. The transitions reveal tall hills and in some places extended views out to the small towns. There’s only one sharp turn that is a blind-sider just as you get close to the 480.

After 480 transition comes the 27 to Comfort then up the 87. As a newer rider I am a bit of a nerd. As a seasoned beginner I still wear chaps on the longer trips because of the gravel and heat. They push that stuff off of me. As the SWEEPER I will most definitely carry additional provisions and make sure I have an extra helmet and glasses. Photos to come.


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