I can see myself on the back of my horse hanging on to his mane as we face each twist and hill with the ease of a bird on the wind. Every second of gain in momentum the closer we come to take off until the only sound we hear is the wind beneath us. Hoof glides like water over sand as clouds seem ever closer. I can’t close my eyes because he needs my sight as much as I need his strength. I can feel us lean in to the curve of the landscape but my thoughts remain forward. We can only move forward.J. Nimmrichter, 2017

Yes! We have entered one of my favorite seasons next to th Harvest. Spring is about planting seeds. Spring is about nurturing those flowers that are just waking up from a Winter’s nap. Spring is about the unexpected wildflower and much anticipated adventures the Sun inspires.

So if you are reading this my hope is it’s sometime in the evening after a good days ride.

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