Spring Rallying

October 2018 has already proven to be a great year for the motorcycle world. We kick off the Spring with several great rallies and ADV meet-ups. My first stop will be Thunder in the Hill Country as one of the lead photogs and social media influencers. This is a great honor after the last couple... Continue Reading →

A Chrome Angel

Chrome Angelz RC seeks “to unite women motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide, to inspire women to embrace the interest of riding for recreation, philanthropy and sisterhood, all while promoting a positive image of the motorcycling community.”

Up and Away

I am fearless when it comes to riding. I want to learn evey trick in the book and make some of my own. I am well on my way to doing that!

Dirty Bird

I haven't met Delshateki Izquerdo yet, but I know that in the world of Influencers, this motorcycle rider is breaking new ground for generations of women to follow.

Where The Adventure Begins, Part 1

I found my mind wandering from the main highways after my meeting with Alisa Clickenger a couple weeks ago. As I drove east on the 10, the concept "Where The Adventure Begins" turned over in my brain. There are other mentors and adventurers but I happened upon Alisa one day by chance when searching out groups to... Continue Reading →


I remember when I first started talking about wanting to take a solo motorcycle trip. For so long, I wanted to embark out on my own, on two wheels, to some far-off place that held beauty in the landscape. When I spoke of this idea, I was surprised at how many fear-filled comments people would […]... Continue Reading →

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