Back Roads Ramblings

We are excited to announce the first annual Back Roads Ramble, an event that will not be like any other in the Texas Hill Country. Our first step is to strip away the commercialism and focus on the fundamentals: the ride, the camaraderie, the memories. OFF ROAD - DIRT ROAD - SIDE ROAD - BACK... Continue Reading →

Spring Rallying

October 2018 has already proven to be a great year for the motorcycle world. We kick off the Spring with several great rallies and ADV meet-ups. My first stop will be Thunder in the Hill Country as one of the lead photogs and social media influencers. This is a great honor after the last couple... Continue Reading →

A Chrome Angel

Chrome Angelz RC seeks “to unite women motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide, to inspire women to embrace the interest of riding for recreation, philanthropy and sisterhood, all while promoting a positive image of the motorcycling community.”

Up and Away

I am fearless when it comes to riding. I want to learn evey trick in the book and make some of my own. I am well on my way to doing that!

Dirty Bird

I haven't met Delshateki Izquerdo yet, but I know that in the world of Influencers, this motorcycle rider is breaking new ground for generations of women to follow.

Where The Adventure Begins, Part 1

I found my mind wandering from the main highways after my meeting with Alisa Clickenger a couple weeks ago. As I drove east on the 10, the concept "Where The Adventure Begins" turned over in my brain. There are other mentors and adventurers but I happened upon Alisa one day by chance when searching out groups to... Continue Reading →

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